As to Divide by Zero…

“A painting lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive observer.”  Mark Rothko

The Divide By Zero collection showcases the work of emerging and established artists who are challenging and questioning the fractious context in which we live.

The Collection serves a dual purpose: it is a labor of love, but it is foremost a resource for the curious to learn more about new and exciting artists from across the globe. Divide By Zero pays homage to this wide range of visual artists, many having worked anonymously for years in the hopes of being seen and recognized.

Many years have passed since I, the founder of the Collection, first walked into a museum and experienced artworks that transcended the imagination. I would sometimes spend hours in front of a single painting, absorbing its minutest details to understand its infinite, yet singular moment of creativity. Often it was the smallest context or narrative, something beyond the concrete, that effected a now permanent fondness for works, artists and the careers that inspired these.

Much like the creative act, the art of collecting also demands thinking outside the box. It requires using one’s instinct to see beyond pure aesthetics. Curating for Divide By Zero, consequently, contemplates the absolute totality of followed artist, to finally condense their works into a coherent, unifying narrative.

Jacobo Garcia Gil, Founder and Director

Hong Kong, 2019