As to Divide by Zero…

The name “Divide By Zero” is a nod to the mathematical concept of a singularity, where a calculation becomes undefined. In a similar way, the creative process can also be seen as a singularity – an undefined and infinite space where anything is possible. Just as dividing by zero in mathematics represents the boundary between what can be calculated and what cannot, the creative process represents the boundary between what has been created and what is being imagined.

In the same way that dividing by zero leads to an unexpected and infinite result, the creative process often leads to unexpected and unique outcomes that are not limited by traditional boundaries. The unpredictability and infinite potential of the creative process aligns with the mathematical concept of a singularity, making the name “Divide By Zero” a fitting representation of the collection’s focus on showcasing boundary-pushing artwork.

By presenting the work of artists who push the limits of what is considered possible, the Divide By Zero collection offers a window into the singularity of the creative process, encouraging viewers to engage with and appreciate the unpredictable and infinite potential of art as it is being imagined.

The Divide By Zero collection is a testament to the talent and creativity of emerging and established artists from around the world. As the founder and director of this collection, I express my passion for uncovering new and exciting artists and showcasing their work in a way that invites the viewer to engage with it on a deeper level. The act of collecting art is more than just acquiring beautiful objects – it requires thinking outside the box and using one’s instinct to see beyond aesthetics.

My approach to curating the Divide By Zero collection contemplates the absolute totality of each artist’s work, ultimately condensing it into a cohesive and unifying narrative. My experience of viewing art is transformative, as I spend hours in front of a single painting, absorbing its minutest details and seeking to understand its unique moment of creativity. It is this deep appreciation for the creative process and the emotional impact of art that drives my commitment to the collection. It is a labor of love that pays homage to the artists who have worked anonymously, often for years, in the hopes of being seen and recognized.

Jacobo Garcia Gil, Founder and Director

Hong Kong, 2023