Jacobo Garcia Gil Art Collector Hong Kong

Jacobo Garcia Gil

Founder and Director

Jacobo Garcia Gil is an experienced investment banker with over 20 years of expertise in the field. In addition to his professional career, Mr. Garcia has also established a contemporary art collection, Divide By Zero, which features works by established and emerging artists from Asia and Europe. The collection is supported by a network of leading international gallerists, artists, and other art professionals, and its focus is on contemporary paintings that examine the current socio-cultural climate.

Mr. Garcia founded Divide By Zero Holdings Limited in Hong Kong in 2014, and currently serves as its director. In addition to his work with the collection, Mr. Garcia is also a docent and founding patron for the M+ Museum in Hong Kong. Through his involvement with Divide by Zero, Mr. Garcia is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the contemporary art scene in Asia and beyond.