Curatorial Notes: Shaped by, thirty years within four walls

Virtual Exhibition at ArtGate VR International, April 16th to 19th 2020.

The exhibition features a collection of works that depict significant cultural shifts for the past 30 years. Questionable politics, submission to technology, glorification to consumerism, excess and introversion are listed among trends that have radically shaped life since in one way or another. 

The exhibit is laid out as a reflection of choices, longings and surrenders accounted in after the collapse of a somewhat simpler bipolar ideology that dominated culture during the cold war. These works reveal various emerging drifts that eventually strayed into today’s way of life. These convincing compositions irrefutably signal, once again, the unalterable influence of history over artistic expressions.

The show presents varied works by eight different artists, with each work depicting a curious interpretation for the incoming millennium. To the Collection, these works together settle into a distinctive movement that has visibly arisen since late 90s: the necessity for diversity, inclusion and tolerance as a coping mechanism to a far more capricious reality.

The Collection acquired this set of works between 2013 and 2019.

Featured works:

Shaped by Politics:

Shaped by Consumerism:

Shaped by Excess:

Shaped by Introversion:

Video: Shaped by (Youtube Video Release)